What others say about Christina:

A PERSON WHO WILL BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY “A knowledgable, approachable leader and team builder, Christina is the go-to person when you need a tireless, committed advocate. Christina’s excellent management skills, integrity and honesty are a tremendous benefit to our community.” – Wendy Van Straten,  retiree

COMPASSIONATE,  WITH A GRASP ON THE ISSUES “Christina is a strong and talented woman with a brilliant grasp of the important issues facing our community and our province. She is a compassionate and kind person, who is a pleasure to work with.” – Theresa Lubowitz, Newmarket resident

AN ARCHITECT OF COOPERATION “Chris is effective, smart, warm and patient – a consummate professional. Our company had to receive approval on a new way of doing things in our industry by changing laws. Her understanding of the various parties’ positions, ability to move around significant change events won the respect and cooperation of multiple parties under pressing circumstances.” – Peter Suma, entrepreneur, CEO and venture capitalist

 SMART – ACTS WITH INTEGRITY “I worked with Christina for over 10 years. We operated our respective organizations through some of the most important public policy decisions in Canadian history – public and private sector drug plan reform. Christina brought to her role and to the entire exercise a sense of integrity, calmness, intellect and superior political acumen that was inspirational.” – Mark Kealey, chief advocate, Kealey & Associates Inc.

UNDERSTANDS THE VALUE OF PARTNERSHIP “Christina recognizes the importance of building strategic partnerships and developing strong relationships with stakeholders to meet organizational goals and objectives.” – Harpreet Bassi, director, strategy, corporate affairs and communications, Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation

THOUGHT-PROVOKING, ENGAGING – A ROLE MODEL “Christina spoke about her experiences running for MPP at the Annual Meeting of Equal Voice. She was so engaging, thought-provoking and humourous. Her stories motivated women in the audience to strongly consider running for public office. She was a very stimulating speaker, and a great role model.” – Janet Lambert, Equal Voice, Toronto chapter

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